The Stationers’ Foundation Bursary Helps MA Students

Rebecca Wojturska is a full-time 2013/14 student who was lucky enough to receive The Stationers’ Foundation Postgraduate Bursary in September 2013. The MA Publishing course at Anglia Ruskin University has forged strong links with The Stationers’ Company and this bursary is a valuable benefit to the course.

Founded in 1403, it comes as a surprise to many that the The Stationers’ Company still exists and remains relevant to modern society. Focusing on what they call the “Communications and Content” industry, they actively pursue their main objectives which include preserving the history for which they are renowned, advancing the publishing and related industries and providing charitable education, often to those without the financial means to pursue it for themselves.

One of their charitable arms is The Stationers’ Foundation which awards prospective students with both academic excellence and financial need with a £6,000 bursary towards their tuition fees in a content and communications-based degree.

I was lucky enough to be awarded one of these grants in September 2013. The competition is high and the application and interview process gruelling but, if successful, the rewards are plenty.

Not only do you receive financial support, but you also get access to their beautiful grounds, cheaper entry to events in their Grand Hall and around London, and the opportunity to get involved with the many groups and charities they run.

You are also allocated a mentor who is an expert in the industry you seek to penetrate. They will guide you through your course and help you build the skills necessary to help you get the first job that the MA course prepares you for.

On top of this, you become a member of ‘The Stationers’ with the expectation of becoming a Freeman after graduating from your chosen course. Receipt of this honour means I will be able to become actively involved with the company and further immerse myself within the publishing sphere.

Perhaps most importantly, as anyone will tell you, is the free wine. I jest! (Not about the wine, but about it being the most important aspect). The absolute highlight is the networking that accompanies the free wine.

The Stationers’ Company is renowned for its amazing luncheons and lectures, where they provide high-quality speakers who talk about relevant issues and the future of the industry, all the while making sure stomachs and wine glasses remain full.

In its professionalism and networking opportunities, as well as its advancement of the industry, The Stationers remind you that the content and communications industry is exciting, and definitely something worth toasting!

For more information on the Stationers’ history, charity work, and future, please do visit their website at

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Becky is currently a full-time student on the MA Publishing course; juggling being a Publishing Assistant at the Royal Society of Chemistry, a digital internship and campaigning as the University representative for the charity, BEAT which raises awareness into eating disorders.