We’re Officially #ARUHappy on the MA Publishing course!

Breaking news! MA Publishing students are officially #ARUHappy!

With the recent trend in creating group videos to Pharrell Williams‘ ‘Happy’, the MA Publishing course had the opportunity to contribute to Anglia Ruskin’s own rendition!

You can see the resulting video here, and thanks to the talents of our students, Fran, Maria, Laura, Sara, Lucija and Nigel for participating and being #ARUHappy! They pop up at 1m 34s, but watch the whole video too. We’re the ones with books, no surprise there.

Thanks also goes to course tutor, Daniel Boswell, who took on directorial duties; I think that is him peeking into shot on the right-hand side, and Cynthia Price-Inesta whose idea inspired us all.

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