Life After Graduation: Laurida

As part of our ongoing ‘Life After Graduation’ series; Laurida recounts her time as a MA Publishing student and the changes that have happened since graduation.


My name is Laurida Harrington-Poireau (pronounced ‘Loreeda Harrington-Pwarow’ if there’s an inkling of uncertainty…). I was a full-time postgrad. student on Anglia Ruskin’s MA Publishing course until September 2013, and I’m looking forward to my graduation ceremony in October 2014.

Before going into Publishing, my background was in linguistics: I’m half-French and speak both French and English fluently, and my undergrad studies were in English Language, Linguistics and Communication. I wasn’t quick off the mark to discover my calling in life, but I finally realised that being an avid reader coupled with severe anal-retentiveness with a red pen could provide a likely gateway into book editing.

I’m sure most new starters have figured this out quickly, but Leah is often (nay, always) right. You will leave the MA course with a very different outlook to the one you had when you arrived. Despite having had a number of internship placements in editorial roles, the job I am now in is actually production based and not related to books!

I am now a Content Production Manager at Pearson Education (formerly Edexcel). This means that I am responsible for the production of BTEC Specialist exam content for professional work-based learner and apprentices; from the point at which a new qualification is commissioned, to when is goes ‘Live’ onscreen. I do a lot of production editing, but it’s the project management and networking with in-house design/ print teams and external assessment experts that make the content feel really worthwhile.

My experience on the MA course was brilliant: from the assessment topics and Major Project research, to the internships (including my wonderful summer at Shakespeare & Company in Paris). You have to put in a lot of work and juggle your time like you’re the best jester Cambridge has ever seen, but whatever you put in you will be rewarded tenfold.

And on that poignant note, here’s a clip to underline the fact that I am still definitely a p-book girl…

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Laurida was a full-time student on the MA Publishing course (2012/13) and her background is a BA in Linguistics and speaks French fluently thanks to her French heritage. She now works as a Content Production Manager at Pearson Education and is responsible for the production of BTEC Specialist exam content for professional work-based learner and apprentices.