Student News

This category covers a variety of posts that all stem from study, life as a student, work experience and achievements; it can cover a broad range of subjects.

Students from the MA course undertake internships with a variety of publishers, experiencing a wide variety of job roles, as well as the working life of a publisher. You can read about some of these here.

Internship Diary: ELT Data Management at Cambridge University Press

Having recently completed her major project, Kalpana Sharma tells us about her internship in ELT Data Management at Cambridge University Press. I had a six-week internship in ELT Data Management at Cambridge University Press (CUP), and worked as part of the Knowledge Management Team. The Knowledge Management Team is responsible for providing efficient, reliable and

ARU MA Publishing cleans up at the International Excellence Awards

Anglia Ruskin University is proud to announce that MA Publishing course swept the board, winning both of the Association for Publishing Education’s postgraduate awards during the 2015 London Book Fair International Excellence Awards Ceremony. Course Leader, Dr Leah Tether tells us more. Following the success of Gladys Famoriyo in winning 2014’s Association for Publishing Education

MA Publishing Graduation: New Starts

The MA Publishing class of 2013/14 has just graduated. At the same time as ARU waves goodbye to some superb students and wishes them well in their new lives, it says hello to a whole new cohort of would-be publishers, who are just starting their journeys. Course leader, Dr Leah Tether, gives Blurbify the lowdown

Prize-Winning Students 2014

Each year, the MA Publishing course offers a host of academic prizes for the best and brightest work throughout the year. Leah Tether, course leader and tutor introduces us to this year’s lucky recipients. We have some pretty fantastic students here on the ARU MA Publishing – so fantastic they’ve been winning prizes a-plenty! The

We’re Officially #ARUHappy on the MA Publishing course!

Breaking news! MA Publishing students are officially #ARUHappy! With the recent trend in creating group videos to Pharrell Williams‘ ‘Happy’, the MA Publishing course had the opportunity to contribute to Anglia Ruskin’s own rendition! You can see the resulting video here, and thanks to the talents of our students, Fran, Maria, Laura, Sara, Lucija and

MA Publishing Students Visit the London Book Fair

As part of the ‘Business to Publishing’ module, the MA Publishing students took a trip to the London Book Fair and here, Christofere, a full-time student, writes about her experience. I had no idea what to expect before I visited the London Book Fair and went with an open mind. My first thoughts upon arrival

How is the Art of Selling Books Changing in 2014?

The art of selling books in 2014 is changing with an increased focus on the business of selling and driving customers. Rebecca Wojturska, a full-time MA 2013/14 publishing student at Anglia Ruskin University spent the early months of her study working part-time in the John Smiths bookshop on campus and gained a valuable insight into

The Stationers’ Foundation Bursary Helps MA Students

Rebecca Wojturska is a full-time 2013/14 student who was lucky enough to receive The Stationers’ Foundation Postgraduate Bursary in September 2013. The MA Publishing course at Anglia Ruskin University has forged strong links with The Stationers’ Company and this bursary is a valuable benefit to the course. Founded in 1403, it comes as a surprise