The Production Process

On the MA Publishing course at Anglia Ruskin, we offer a module that takes a fascinating, in-depth look at the entire production process, from paper choices to cover design, typography to printing, and now, e-Book design and layout. It helps our students understand how a book goes from being a manuscript to words on a page and how the choices made affect the outcome.

All of the posts in this category focus on elements of the production process.

A Life in a Day: The Producer’s Tale

Will Skinner, former ARU MA Publishing student and now Producer at Penguin Books, gives Blurbify an insight into a typical day at work. Up from the catacombs I rise, out from Temple station, along Victoria Embankment. Sun surrounds me. Waterloo Bridge forms a perfect concave frame of The London Eye and Big Ben. The portland

XML: What It Is and Why We Need It In Publishing

Will Skinner, a full-time 2013/14 student, works at the British Standards Institute and is an all-around XML guru. Here he gives us an insight into what XML is and how it is fundamental in the publishing process. If you intend to work in Production, or in publishing in general, at some point you are going

The Fruits of my Bloomsbury Internship

In 2013, Victoria Love was lucky enough to be selected for an internship at Bloomsbury Publishing in London. She recently discovered that the fruits of her labour have come to… well, fruition! During my two weeks, I worked on the design briefs for two upcoming titles; Sidney Chambers and the Problem of Evil by James