The digital future has been a hot topic in publishing circles for many years and is even more important in today’s climate.

The MA students are encouraged, as digital natives, to engage with the ongoing changes and be interested in how they are affecting the industry that they will be working in.

Manuscript to Print = Print to Digital?

Course Leader, Dr Leah Tether, has been away on sabbatical researching her next monograph! She updates Blurbify on her findings about the commercial book trade’s move from manuscript to print, and how that can be compared with the current shift towards digital. For some time, I’ve been arguing that print did not herald in the

Bookbub – the Groupon of the ebook world?

MA Publishing student, Imogen Dickens, explores Bookbub – a ‘Groupon-esque’ scheme for discovering e-books in this week’s newsflash. In 2010, Groupon took the country by storm by offering cheap deals on anything from spa days to a meal in a restaurant. Like other consumers, I love a bargain. You log on, choose your deal, print

Do film adaptations boost enhanced e-book sales?

Jixuan Dong, current MA Publishing student, uses her newsflash to consider a recent Publishers Weekly story on film adaptations and enhanced e-books and the impact this is having on the bookselling market. For the first three weeks of 2015, Publishers Weekly reports that the enhanced e-book of Chris Kyle’s memoir, American Sniper, has rocketed onto

Amazon: There is only one certainty.

Is Amazon becoming too influential? Jamie Davidson, graduate of the MA Publishing course considers the impact of Amazon on publishing and their recent fallout with Hachette Whatever one’s opinion, there is one truth that no one in trade publishing can deny: Amazon is too important to be ignored. Amazon is the biggest retailer and remains the

How Chemistry is Saving Millions of Printed Books

Advances in chemistry are helping to preserve old books for future generations, a valuable process that is needed in the days when the printed word seems to be disappearing. Kalpana Sharma investigates… We are all living in the 21st Century, where most commercials sectors, including publishing, have embraced technology. Digital culture is spreading quickly and

Content Marketing and the Importance of “Recycling”.

Erica Pramauro, a 2013/14 student is beginning her research into content marketing as part of her dissertation which will keep her busy until September 2014. Here she shares some of her knowledge and thoughts on the subject so far. Although it is spoken of as a by-product of the digital revolution, content marketing is anything

E-Publishing and the Virtual Office

Kim Sutton, an alumna of the MA Publishing course, now runs her own publishing company, Safkhet Publishing and often speaks on working with a virtual office and lectures at Jade Hochschule. Here she talks of her experience in the area. Technology has enabled (self) publishing of manuscripts, books are making a transition towards the digital

Print Vs. Digital – Is There A Place For Both?

Should it really be a ‘print vs. digital’ war for the future of the book trade? Box Cox-Wrightson muses on the possibilities… The Digital Future has been written about, and agonised over, ever since the growth of e-readers and the digitisation of content. But calls for something other than paper, ink and glue have been