ARU MA Publishing cleans up at the International Excellence Awards

Anglia Ruskin University is proud to announce that MA Publishing course swept the board, winning both of the Association for Publishing Education’s postgraduate awards during the 2015 London Book Fair International Excellence Awards Ceremony. Course Leader, Dr Leah Tether tells us more.

Following the success of Gladys Famoriyo in winning 2014’s Association for Publishing Education (APE) Best Postgraduate Major Project Award, I am delighted to announce that ARU nabbed both the Major Project and Dissertation prizes in the 2015 national competition, as well as the Best Overall prize.

Imagine my surprise and delight when I heard the news. I had entered one student for the national postgraduate major project award, and one for the postgraduate dissertation award. Not one, but BOTH had won.

The superb students in question were Victoria Love – for her work on creating Blurbify as part of her major project – and Nigel Graves, who had done an outstanding study on ‘Complex e-book production’ for his dissertation.

Both students were incredibly deserving of high grades for these projects, but it is heartening to know that they are also among the very best nationally. Not only this, but Victoria’s project additionally won the best overall project/dissertation award, which made it the best entry in any category.

APE International Excellence Awards Ceremony

LBF International Excellence Awards Ceremony

We are all winners!

The awards were judged by a panel of industry experts, among them such luminaries as Sam Missingham and Gill Davies, and were awarded by Richard Mollet, CEO of the Publishers’ Association.

The fact that these projects have been recognised in this way provides evidence of the strong industry-relevance of the MA Publishing degree we are delivering here at Anglia Ruskin. We can be assured that our students are being trained in everything they need to know to succeed in the trade, and our success in employability (100% employed within six months of graduating) provides further affirmation of this.

It is also wonderful to know that our course blog site has been officially recognised by the industry, via these awards, as a vital resource, both as a platform for current students and as a window onto our activities for potential industry stakeholders. Our work is thus gaining interest from an ever-widening audience and it’s important that we keep up this crucial channel of communication.

To suggest that these successes are all due to the course we offer would be wrong of me. Certainly, it’s both valuable and invaluable, but I believe that what we are really doing is honing the knowledge of already very able students, such that they can go out into the publishing trade and impress employers with a combination of their trade-specific skills, their potential and, importantly, their enthusiasm.

Both Victoria and Nigel, for instance, always seemed destined for great things, and – through hard work and close engagement with the opportunities offered by the course – they have done themselves especially proud with this accolade.

That they will now go on to contribute to the industry considerably is assured by the fact that they have both recently gained their first publishing roles. They are both working in production, with Victoria at Penguin/DK and Nigel at Cambridge University Press.

Nigel Graves And Victoria Love Awards

Nigel Graves And Victoria Love congratulating each other!

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Course Leader of the MA Publishing at Anglia Ruskin University; researcher of medieval literature, publishing history and reading cultures.