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Amazon: There is only one certainty.

Is Amazon becoming too influential? Jamie Davidson, graduate of the MA Publishing course considers the impact of Amazon on publishing and their recent fallout with Hachette Whatever one’s opinion, there is one truth that no one in trade publishing can deny: Amazon is too important to be ignored. Amazon is the biggest retailer and remains the

How Chemistry is Saving Millions of Printed Books

Advances in chemistry are helping to preserve old books for future generations, a valuable process that is needed in the days when the printed word seems to be disappearing. Kalpana Sharma investigates… We are all living in the 21st Century, where most commercials sectors, including publishing, have embraced technology. Digital culture is spreading quickly and

Prize-Winning Students 2014

Each year, the MA Publishing course offers a host of academic prizes for the best and brightest work throughout the year. Leah Tether, course leader and tutor introduces us to this year’s lucky recipients. We have some pretty fantastic students here on the ARU MA Publishing – so fantastic they’ve been winning prizes a-plenty! The