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We’re Officially #ARUHappy on the MA Publishing course!

Breaking news! MA Publishing students are officially #ARUHappy! With the recent trend in creating group videos to Pharrell Williams‘ ‘Happy’, the MA Publishing course had the opportunity to contribute to Anglia Ruskin’s own rendition! You can see the resulting video here, and thanks to the talents of our students, Fran, Maria, Laura, Sara, Lucija and

What is Publishing – an Art or Science?

Is publishing an art, or science? Kalpana Sharma gives her thoughts on how these two forms apply to the industry and formulates her own conclusion. When we produce the information in a format and make it available to the consumers, we define it as publishing or producing books. Publishing is a form of communication, where

The Penguin is no longer Random

With the recent unveiling of Penguin Random House’s new wordmark, Victoria Love offers her thoughts on the new design and what this means for the ubiquitous Penguin brand. Throughout my studies, the merger of Penguin and Random House has been one of the headline stories that has kept re-emerging. It was with a heavy heart

Content Marketing and the Importance of “Recycling”.

Erica Pramauro, a 2013/14 student is beginning her research into content marketing as part of her dissertation which will keep her busy until September 2014. Here she shares some of her knowledge and thoughts on the subject so far. Although it is spoken of as a by-product of the digital revolution, content marketing is anything