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What Is It Like Interning in Data Management?

Karyn Bailey, a full-time 2013/14 student, recently undertook a data management internship at Cambridge University Press. Here she recounts her experience. One of the recurring themes I’ve noticed during my MA studies at Anglia Ruskin is the increasing need for publishers to capture and analyse data. With this in mind, I applied for an internship

E-Publishing and the Virtual Office

Kim Sutton, an alumna of the MA Publishing course, now runs her own publishing company, Safkhet Publishing and often speaks on working with a virtual office and lectures at Jade Hochschule. Here she talks of her experience in the area. Technology has enabled (self) publishing of manuscripts, books are making a transition towards the digital

A Day in the Life of a Publishing PhD Student

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the life of a PhD student from day to day? PhD student in Publishing at Anglia Ruskin, Lucija Dačić shares a day in her life: Starring: Lucija as ‘The PhD student’, Imoen as ‘The Cat’ and Tom as ‘The Significant Other’. Monday 6:23: Something is treading on

Life After Graduation: Laurida

As part of our ongoing ‘Life After Graduation’ series; Laurida recounts her time as a MA Publishing student and the changes that have happened since graduation. Hello! My name is Laurida Harrington-Poireau (pronounced ‘Loreeda Harrington-Pwarow’ if there’s an inkling of uncertainty…). I was a full-time postgrad. student on Anglia Ruskin’s MA Publishing course until September

Print Vs. Digital – Is There A Place For Both?

Should it really be a ‘print vs. digital’ war for the future of the book trade? Box Cox-Wrightson muses on the possibilities… The Digital Future has been written about, and agonised over, ever since the growth of e-readers and the digitisation of content. But calls for something other than paper, ink and glue have been

Is Bundling the Future of e-Book Purchasing?

In ‘The Bookseller’ on 7th March 2014, I read an article entitled HarperCollins to refine its ‘e’ bundling offer which I found quite intriguing, especially as a non-fiction e-book—The Railway Man by Eric Lomas—had topped the bestseller list that week. The article explains that Foyles teamed up with HarperCollins to trial an offer of bundling

XML: What It Is and Why We Need It In Publishing

Will Skinner, a full-time 2013/14 student, works at the British Standards Institute and is an all-around XML guru. Here he gives us an insight into what XML is and how it is fundamental in the publishing process. If you intend to work in Production, or in publishing in general, at some point you are going

Should J.K. Rowling Stop Writing?

Lynn Shepherd, a novelist and copywriter has recently written an article for The Huffington Post stating her belief that J.K. Rowling should stop writing adult fiction and instead concentrate her efforts on the Young Adult market where she has been so successful. Who is Lynn Shepherd? Your first question may be, as it was mine,