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The Future of the Paperback – What Can The Trade Learn From Mills & Boon?

It’s hard to know whether you are on your tail or your head when it comes to the future of the paperback market. With an article in The Bookseller today saying ‘Paperbacks must evolve as ‘e’ encroaches’ and Nielsen reporting a dip of 28% in sales since 2008, it feels as though the paperback has

MA Publishing Students Visit the London Book Fair

As part of the ‘Business to Publishing’ module, the MA Publishing students took a trip to the London Book Fair and here, Christofere, a full-time student, writes about her experience. I had no idea what to expect before I visited the London Book Fair and went with an open mind. My first thoughts upon arrival

How is the Art of Selling Books Changing in 2014?

The art of selling books in 2014 is changing with an increased focus on the business of selling and driving customers. Rebecca Wojturska, a full-time MA 2013/14 publishing student at Anglia Ruskin University spent the early months of her study working part-time in the John Smiths bookshop on campus and gained a valuable insight into

The Stationers’ Foundation Bursary Helps MA Students

Rebecca Wojturska is a full-time 2013/14 student who was lucky enough to receive The Stationers’ Foundation Postgraduate Bursary in September 2013. The MA Publishing course at Anglia Ruskin University has forged strong links with The Stationers’ Company and this bursary is a valuable benefit to the course. Founded in 1403, it comes as a surprise

A New Internship in Academic Marketing

Victoria Parrin undertook a month-long placement within Cambridge University Press’ Academic Marketing department; the first student to do so. Here she recounts her time with the company and what she took from the experience. What I Got Up To My internship was within the Brand Development team, a small team of just two staff who

Dissertation Extract: ‘Reading Identity in Young Adult Fiction’

Whilst studying at Anglia Ruskin, Laurida Harrington-Poireau wrote her dissertation, entitled ‘Reading Identity: feminine representation and societal power in young adult fiction publishing (2006-2013)‘ which focused on Young Adult fiction and the importance of character representation in literature. ‘Literacy is never disconnected from identity’ – (Williams, 2003) When I was a member of the Anglia Ruskin

From Internship to Full-Time Employment at Cambridge University Press

Mary Bongiovi graduated from Anglia Ruskin in 2013 and has since found a full-time job with Cambridge University Press; all thanks to her time there as an intern. My journey to getting a job at Cambridge University Press (CUP) was one part about making informed choices and the other part about pure luck. I did

Researching With Kittens 101

Imagine…’If you are thinking of coming to Anglia Ruskin to study for our MA in Publishing, please consider our newest module: Researching With Kittens 101.’ PhD student, Lucija, recounts her experiences and takes an amusing look at why this could be a great addition to PhD training. Course Overview When you’re a PhD student, Anglia